What the hell? Openshift!!

Neglecting all I’ve been taught on TDD, I set out to do a demo app. Why, yes, I decided to host on a Paas, afterall, this kid is excited about it.


Don’t tell me heroku, that’s so cliche, although if it makes you feel better, I also hosted same app on heroku.

That said, openshift seemed a good bet. It offers persistent file uploads (not forcing me to use AWS S3) at a convenience, plus 1GB storage space, and lots more. Sadly, the documentation is poor – compared with heroku, for example. For a while, I was like:


I didn’t give up though. Errors upon errors, issues upon issues, just to deploy a simple demo app. Where’s the love, paas??

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 21.14.57
Thankfully, the good guys at StackOverflow gave me tips in-between.

Long story short, and to stop annoying you with these memes, I got it running! To save myself (and others, hopefully) this same trouble, I will be writing a tutorial on openshift in my category. No doubt, the app we’ll be hosting is a Python app. In the meantime, this is how I’m handling openshift deployments, until I get the hang of it:

For the record, next time, I’ll try to mimimize my problems using:

Images courtesy of Google