Truly gutted with Roman Abramovich’s amateur knowledge of football. A wealthy club owner with a pen on one hand and an axe on the other hand, he’s been pivotal to Chelsea’s turnaround to become a powerhouse in Europe.

However, the man whose name is now the synonym of ‘Impatience’ needs to learn more about perseverance….and fast!!

Chelsea has had 17 coaches in the last 25 years; 10 coaches being replaced by Abramovich in his 9 years as the club owner of Chelsea FC. That’s averaging a whooping record of 1 manager per season. In the same 25 year span, Manchester United has had only Sir Alex Ferguson as Team Manager.

Although hugely successful during the Abramovich era (with a club accolade of 3 Premier League Trophies, 3 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and 1 Champions League Trophy. You can add 2 Community Shields), these club feats are marred by unruly, unjustly and occasionally premature end to the tenures of managers that are already bonding with the fans. The truth remains however that Chelsea has been the most successful English club since Abramovich era.

This is not the first time of seeing a sack of such magnitude. In 2007, Jose Mourinho was ‘sacked’ having won 6 trophies for Chelsea in 3 years. He is Chelsea’s most successful manager. In 2011, Carlo Ancelotti was sacked after winning Chelsea’s first double – a historic one for the club. The most recent and arguably the most painful sack is that of Di Matteo.

The much renowned Sir Alex Ferguson has even had to go once on a 9 match winless streak, and at another season, 6 defeats in 8 games. It also took SAF over 3 years to win his first major trophy for manchester United – a FA Cup win over Crystal Palace. But the faith in SAF has been resolute. He’s remained manager since his 1986 appointment. One can quickly see the stark contrast here; Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto Di Matteo all have won a myriad of trophies for the club, in less time than Sir Fergie did. Their reward – a big axe from Roman himself.

Chelsea fans are now gnashing their teeth in seeing both Mourinho and Ancelotti do wonders in Real Madrid and PSG respectively. We can only but hope Robbie Di Matteo takes the same path.

He has been the most unfairly treated of the lot. His relationship with the club dates back to his days as a player for the club. On 4th March 2012, he was appointed Chelsea manager and given the difficult job of getting Chelsea past Napoli. In truth, at first glance, this job looked as easy as lifting a truck with your finger, but Robbie did this with ease. His tactical masterplan in eliminating Barcelona was also genius!! He delivered Chelsea and Abramovich their most coveted trophy, in a season where it looked the least likely!! Again, he showed the tactical mind of an Italian in the Champions League Final win over Bayern Munich. This is a feat to be matched yet, and I don’t see any manager do it anytime soon, considering the fact his stay was just a little over 250 days.

Few managers have left their stamps on the heart of Chelsea Faithfuls than RDM. If there is one thing sure, it is that Abramovich ‘does not give a damn’ about what the fans think. He makes and breaks as he pleases. Let us just hope he does not appoint Rafa Benitez. Rafa is a good coach, but his mere name angers Chelsea fans and stirs their stomachs.

But what can be done?? Roman Abramovich is a modern day tyrant and simply does not understand that football is a game of patience and perseverance. Abramovich never wanted Robbie Di Matteo as full coach. Di Matteo’s job was always hanging by a very thin thread. Abramovich only needed a catalyst. The defeat to Atletico Madrid came all too sudden and this is just the perfect time he needed.

Right now, the only obvious way of bringing back happiness is to appoint Jose Mourinho. The question still lies…….WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??

I wish Roberto Di Matteo all the best!!!



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